An iPad in every pot!*

Tablet Initiative for Faculty

thinkoutoftheboxThis is your opportunity to think out of the box!  The Faculty Development Center announces the Tablet Initiative for Faculty project which supports the use of and experimentation with tablets to transform the student learning experience.  Participating faculty members receive an iPad (mini) to help them achieve this alteration.  The College owns the device, but the participating faculty member may keep it as long as she/he uses it for teaching at Chesapeake College.


Interested faculty should submit a proposal as soon as possible, detailing their planned pedagogical applications of the tablet device(s). Proposals should be no more than 2 pages in length and should address how the use of a tablet will enhance the educational experience for the students. The proposal should be submitted by email to:


Participating faculty will give a presentation at a Teaching with Technology Forum hosted by the Faculty Development Center in the Spring of 2015.


To enable faculty to employ tablet computing in the creation of engaging, high-impact learning experiences for students.


Faculty members who have not previously acquired a tablet computer through college funds are invited to apply.


  1. ipadineverypotParticipants agree to attend training sessions on basic tablet functions and pedagogy presented by the FDC, as well as, demonstrate basic proficiency of the mobile device.
  2. Participants agree to explore the use of open source or e-texts for their use and their students’ use.
  3. Participants will support sustainability by reducing paper use in their classes
    1. The LMS Canvas will be used to provide assignment details
    2. Instructional materials and content can be delivered to the students via Canvas
    3. Provide a proposal on how the participant  will use the tablet to enhance the educational experience in their classes, include:
      1. Vision: what do you hope to accomplish?
      2. Integration: Describe how you plan to use the device in your class.
      3. List any additional equipment or apps needed and why.  (i.e. Apple TV to project to screen, iPads available for student use, etc.)

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