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YouTube-BLYouTube is the golden standard for uploading, sharing and viewing videos online. A video on YouTube can range from a few seconds to a few hours long, but sometimes we may only require a small segment of a much larger video. This requires us to pause the video once loaded and fast forward to find the necessary content before presenting the video, breaking up our presentation in the process. Thankfully, there is a way to avoid this. By following either one of the tutorials below, you can create your own custom YouTube link that starts at a specified time!

Let’s start with the automated process tutorial.

A website called allows this to be done in three easy steps.

  1. Paste the link to your video (let’s use into YouTube Time
  2. Type in the time you wish to start
  3. Click “get link” and you many now use and share your custom YouTube URL.

Now for the manual process tutorial.

We will begin with the following Youtube video of the 2013 Chesapeake Commencement: .

Pretend that we need to share a talking point that is delivered by a guest speaker and we know that it starts 22 minutes and 4 seconds into the video. We would  type #t=22m04s (time = 22minutes and 4 seconds) at the end of the original video to create a link that plays exactly at that point such as I did with the following link: . This code is always added to the end of the video.

Let’s now break the manual process down. We start with a “#” to identify that we have an additional requirement for when Youtube video plays our video. The following “t” lets Youtube know that we want to alter the starting time of the video. The “=” simply goes before the specified time. We then specify the time after the equals sign in seconds”23s”, minutes “2m” or hours “1hr”.

I personally find this method to be easier and quicker as I can simply type the time before my link rather than spending the time to navigate to another website that does the work for me. However, both methods achieve identical results  so use what you are more comfortable with!


Share Your Work!

Once you complete this tutorial, please feel free to share your link by pasting it into the comments. Good luck!

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