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How to update your Web Browser

Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer, you can check the version by selecting the cog icon on the upper right corner and then using the drop-down list to select About Internet Explorer

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From the new window, you’ll have the information on which version of Internet Explorer that you’re using, but it will also offer the option to automatically update the web browser for you.  If you select this, you won’t have to worry about keeping Internet Explorer up to date.

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Google Chrome

For Google Chrome, the button is in the same location, the upper right of the web browser.  In this instance however, it is three horizontal parallel lines.  When you select this button, you will navigate to the Help and about option which will lead you into the sub-option, About Google Chrome.

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From this page, it will show the version of Google Chrome you’re currently running and will also check for updates.  It will also display if you’re currently up to date.

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Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox, you’ll navigate up to the upper left where the menu bar is and you’ll select the option that says Help, which will bring up a drop-down list where you’ll select the option About Firefox.

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From this page it will show the current version of Firefox that you’re using and in this instance, you have a button that says Check for Updates.

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Copy & Paste

Tired of re-typing text to get it from one place to another? Copy and paste are two of the most useful commands around. Learn how to place text from one document or application into another using right-click or the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+C (for copy) and Ctrl+V (for paste).