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An App for Canvas – A Review

Image7Yes, there’s an app for that!  In fact, there are a couple.  With the Canvas Android and iPhone apps students can access their courses when they are away from their computers.  Canvas realized earlier releases of the apps had a lot limitations for students.  Now, students can access  modules, view content, contribute to discussions, and even submit assignments from a mobile device/s.

Some differences still exist between the apps and the browser version.  Please read through the Canvas Guides listed below to understand how to participate in classes through the mobile app.  The world of elearning continues to morph into mlearning, so a learning curve is expected as the processes are refined during this transition.

Apps Instructions

canvas appAndroid app

iphone canvasiPhone app
(use this for iPad)

How do I download the Canvas app on my Android?
How do I use the Canvas app on my Android?

How do I submit an assignment using
the Canvas app on my Android?
How do I download the Canvas app on my iPhone?
How do I use the Canvas app on my iPhone?
How do I submit an assignment using the Canvas app on my iOs device?

The links above access specific topics in the Canvas Help Guides.  Here are additional links for the Mobile App Guides:
Canvas Mobile Phone Student Guide
Canvas Mobile Tablet Student Guide

How Do I Log Into Chesapeake’s Canvas?

 canvas app login
  1. In this field, type in the Canvas URL:
  1. Click Connect


 canvas app sign in At the login screen type the following:

  1. Your MyCampus username (DO NOT PUT YOUR EMAIL – this doesn’t work for our installation of Canvas)
  2. Your MyCampus password (if you’ve signed into Canvas during the Spring 13 or Summer 13 semesters, it could be that password)
  3. Click Login


Click on the instructions above for your device to learn how to use the app for your particular device.

Why Canvas?

In a lengthy evaluation process by the LMS Selection Committee, Canvas received the highest evaluation marks from faculty and students and met the college’s evaluation criteria better than any of the other available options.

As we move closer to the launch date of Canvas, we will release the Canvas Student Orientation.  Information will be posted here and around campus to help keep you informed.  Until then, watch the video below to learn more about Canvas.

See what others say about Canvas.

CRAB – A blank page

Sometimes when accessing CRAB, students experience an “blank page” issue.   Typically, this is an issue which requires the CRAB account to be reset.  Please contact 410-822-5400 x2224 (user support) to fix this issue.

About Online Learning At Chesapeake College

About Online Learning at Chesapeake

Chesapeake College offered its first online course to four students in 1999. By 2009, the list of fully online courses had grown to over 100, and yearly enrollments had expanded to nearly 2,400. In addition, many courses are offered partly online and partly face-to-face.

Online courses at Chesapeake have the same learning outcomes and carry the same credit as their face-to-face equivalents. They are taught by the same caring and accessible faculty. At Chesapeake, online students are actively engaged in learning – our courses are much more than reading information off a computer screen and taking automatically scored tests! Students in online courses undertake various types of learning activities, interacting frequently with their instructors and other students. Chesapeake provides first-rate support for online students through the Learning Resources Center and the Online Learning Helpdesk.

In surveys, students who complete online courses at Chesapeake tell us they learn as much or more online as they do in a traditional classroom. They report that online classes take about the same amount of time as face-to-face classes, but often require more reading and writing. One key to success in online courses is keeping up with assignments on a weekly basis.

If you want to know more about online learning, explore this site. You can also call:

  • Jamie Gunsallus, Director of the Faculty Development Center (410-822-5400 x2386)

Take the SmarterMeasure Self-Assessment

SmarterMeasure is an assessment that measures learner readiness. SmarterMeasure is an indicator of the degree to which distance learning and/or learning in a technology rich environment will be a good fit for you. It will help you prepare to be successful as a student. You are not penalized for guessing on SmarterMeasure, please enter an answer for each question on the assessment. Upon completion of SmarterMeasure you will receive a score report which will not only help you understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement, but will also provide resources to help you succeed. Remember, this assessment is strictly for your benefit. Take the time to rate yourself honestly.

To Get Started…

Students may log in at On this web page are two boxes labeled “username” and “password.”

Students will enter:
Username: chesapeake
Password: student

Once a student has logged in, the system will ask for his name and email address. A student can set up a PIN in case she wants to leave the assessment and come back later to complete it. The scores and interpretation of the results are sent to the email provided by the student.