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How to Get Other Tech Help

If you are experiencing technical issues, log-in problems, or require technical support with MyCampus, WebAdvisor/Crab, Skipjack e-mail, or any other non-Canvas technology, please contact the Chesapeake College Help Desk at (410) 822-5400 x2224 or  Remember, for problems with Canvas, submit a help ticket.

How to Search the Canvas Guides

There are help guides for the following users: Canvas Administrators, Instructors, Students, Observers, Designers, and Canvas Newbies. Users can search for specific topics or use the menus to find explanations and  lessons on how Canvas works. The lessons are continually updated.  You may also download the user manuals in PDF format; these are  updated every release. To learn more, you can visit the Canvas Guides.

  1. Click the Help link in the Help Center.
  2. Click the Search the Canvas Guides link.
  3. Type in the search box the topic you want more information about.
  4. View the most relevant guide(s).

Video on Searching the Canvas Guides

How to Report a Canvas Problem

PLEASE report a problem as soon as you can after discovering it.  If you are a student and do not report a problem until after an assignment deadline has passed, your instructor may not grant you additional time due to technical difficulties. When reporting a problem, provide as much information about your situation as possible.

Steps to create a Canvas Ticket:

  1. Select Help from the Help Corner.
  2. Select Report a Problem.
  3. Include the full name and section of the course where you are having the problem including the instructor’s name, then describe the problem in detail.  For example:  In my COM101-701 Introduction to Communication course, when I click the submit button to submit my Final Paper assignment, I get an error that says that my document is an unacceptable file type although the type of file that I am submitting appears to be an approved file type.
  4. Once you create a ticket, you will receive a confirmation at your Skipjack email account.