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Online Learning

Online courses at Chesapeake College are convenient, flexible, effective…. and different from learning in an on-campus classroom.  Click here to learn more about our online learning program.

Currently, Chesapeake’s online courses are managed within Canvas, the learning management system (LMS).  Canvas is accessed via MyCampus, the college’s portal.

You can visit the Canvas Student Orientation course by logging into MyCampus  your username and password.

If you are ready to get started, you can review the Enrollment Info page, find classes being offered through the Search for Sections link or browse the current Schedule of Classes, and verify the computer computer hardware and software requirement necessary.

You are not alone out there! You can get help with writing assignments, research papers, and technology over the Internet, on your phone, or in person.

We know that online courses aren’t a good fit for every student. Chesapeake College uses SmarterMeasures, a self-assessment that emails a report to help you make an informed decision about enrolling in an online class.  Learn about the SmarterMeasures self-assessment to evaluate your readiness.