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About Online Learning At Chesapeake College

About Online Learning at Chesapeake

Chesapeake College offered its first online course to four students in 1999. By 2009, the list of fully online courses had grown to over 100, and yearly enrollments had expanded to nearly 2,400. In addition, many courses are offered partly online and partly face-to-face.

Online courses at Chesapeake have the same learning outcomes and carry the same credit as their face-to-face equivalents. They are taught by the same caring and accessible faculty. At Chesapeake, online students are actively engaged in learning – our courses are much more than reading information off a computer screen and taking automatically scored tests! Students in online courses undertake various types of learning activities, interacting frequently with their instructors and other students. Chesapeake provides first-rate support for online students through the Learning Resources Center and the Online Learning Helpdesk.

In surveys, students who complete online courses at Chesapeake tell us they learn as much or more online as they do in a traditional classroom. They report that online classes take about the same amount of time as face-to-face classes, but often require more reading and writing. One key to success in online courses is keeping up with assignments on a weekly basis.

If you want to know more about online learning, explore this site. You can also call:

  • Jamie Gunsallus, Director of the Faculty Development Center (410-822-5400 x2386)