Simulation Intensive Care Unit and Birthing Center

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The Simulation ICU features three high-fidelity CAE Healthcare METIman® adult simulators (Brian, John and Vernon) with modeled physiology for replicating realistic health care situations. The ICU is equipped with fully functioning headwalls, medication carts, crash carts, EKG machines, ventilators and defibrillators. Each patient station includes a patient monitor and computer for patient charting.

The Birthing Center is home to our CAE Lucina Fidelis Maternal-Fetal Simulator (Carey First and Baby Blue) and our METI® BabySIM infant simulator (Chessie Peake). Carey First's modeled physiology can simulate both normal and high risk birthing situations. The Birthing Center is equipped with a monitor for maternal and fetal vital signs and functional head wall unit. This enables students to have a first-hand birthing experience before, during and after delivery.

For additional information and rental pricing, please contact Michelle Hall, Advancement Project Manager, at 410-827-5813 or