Ebooks & Multimedia

The library subscribes to many resources which are not traditional databases. These include collections of ebooks, art, videos, and audiobooks.
Hundreds of ebooks on a variety of subjects
2800 scholarly humanities ebooks
725,000 images of works of art, architecture, & photography
50,000 classical music recordings plus composer biographies, images, etc.
Hundreds of academic ebooks on a variety of topics
Streaming online video on a variety of academic topics
4,600 free artistic & cultural images from a leading museum
Millions of ebooks, some full-text & some only available as snippets
Free audio books in mp3 & ogg formats
Free links to dozens of ebooks on space exploration
Early 20th century recordings & music from the Library of Congress
Almost 50,000 ebooks on a variety of academic subjects
Contains 250+ performance videos of the world's leading plays.
Over 100 encyclopedia & dictionary ebooks in every subject area
Cultural treasures from around the world, including images, maps, & rare books