For Faculty

Have you told your students about our study guides yet? They are a great source of tips and advice. If your course doesn't have its own study guide, or if you'd like to see something added to it, just let us know!

Request Library Instruction

Set up an information literacy session for your class.

We can teach any part of the research process: selecting a topic, refining your thesis, choosing research sources, finding results in the databases, peer-reviewed sources, primary vs. secondary sources, analyzing a source for quality, in-text citations, and citing a source using APA or MLA style (including use of NoodleBib).

Embedded Librarians

What a librarian present in Canvas to help with student research needs? You got it! Just contact the library or one of us individually to arrange for one.

What does an embedded librarian do?
Lots of things; we'll cater our presence to your needs. In the past, we've made instructional videos, participated in discussion forums, recommended resources, and answered research questions in student emails.

What's New?

Library Content for your Canvas Course

Use this guide to add information literacy videos, tutorials, and library search boxes to your Canvas course.

Trial Resources

Test out these new databases and let us know what you think!

Technology Experiments

Feeling curious? Investigate the new web services the library has developed.