Placement Testing

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Chesapeake College uses Accuplacer by College Board for placement testing.


  • Must present a Picture ID (Student ID, Drivers License, etc.)
  • Must present Chesapeake College Placement Test/Re-Test Request form to the Testing Administrator (form available at the Office of Student Success in the Dorchester Administrative building)
  • Must arrive at Center at least two hours before closing

Policies and Procedures

Chesapeake College is committed to your success. To help you begin reaching your goals, the College offers an assessment service, the Accuplacer Computerized Placement Testing. This instrument is used to measure your entry-level skills in mathematics, language, and reading; the results of which allow academic advisors to assist you with your selection of courses.

No student will be denied admission as a result of test scores. However, you are required to complete the assessment testing as a condition of enrollment, and if your test scores indicate a need for skill development, you will be required to complete the appropriate developmental courses.

If you need additional information, please contact the Office of Student Services by calling: 410-758-1537, and 410-228-4360, ext. 2250 or the Testing Center at 822-5400, ext. 2344.

You can also check the online Accuplacer Student Guide.

Description of Different Placement Tests

Sample Test Questions

Study Guides

Online Test Taking Strategies

Test Reviews