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The Academic Support Center provides support not only to students but also to the faculty and staff at the College. Faculty and staff can also be an enormous help in ensuring that students have reasonable and accurate information and expectations about our services for them.

Referring Students

Sometimes, you know exactly why a student needs to see a tutor, even when the student isn't sure what he or she is missing. In these cases, use our referral form to send us word that a student will be visiting us for guidance on a specific issue. Click here for the form.

Please remember, though, that our tutors will never work just as an extension of your classroom; we're a student-centered/student-led support service, so we'll always give the student the last word on the focus of the session. Moreover, it will be up to the student to provide you with proof of the visit as we won't automatically share session information.

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Class Visits

Students often need a face to put with a statement of services. To give an overview of the services we offer in the Academic Support Center, a tutor can visit your class to discuss our aims, practices, and staff.

To schedule a visit, use this form, also linked below, or call 410.827.5854. We ask that classroom visits be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance whenever possible. For a custom workshop on a particular topic, like APA formatting or incorporating source material, please try to schedule at least two weeks in advance.

Request a class visit, new resource, or workshop

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Suggested Text for Syllabi or Assignments

We can use your help getting consistent word about our services out across campus by including information about our services and philosophy in your syllabi. We provide text that can be copied and pasted directly into your syllabus, course materials, or Canvas course that provides our hours, location, and an explanation of our general services. 

Text to copy

The Academic Support Center (ASC) is located in L-105 of the Learning Resource Center in Wye Mills, in the Multi-Service Center in Cambridge, and online. Tutors are available for 30- or 60-minute appointments to help you with writing, math, science, and basic technology skills in any course you take at Chesapeake. Walk-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't wait to take advantage of this free resource provided by Chesapeake College to help you do your best. 

For Spring 2017, the Wye Mills ASC is open Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.; Cambridge and online hours vary, so call please or email for more information. To schedule an in-person or online appointment for yourself or your small study group, call 410.827.5854 or email

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Proof of Tutoring Visit

Students may request a Proof of Visit card from the tutor during or after their session to privde you as proof of their visit with a tutor. The card is stamped with an ASC mark and signed/initialed by the tutor. If you ever have any questions about a student's proof of visit, contact us at We do not send session information automatically to instructors, nor will tutors fill out any forms created by instructors and sent with students to confirm visits or sessions.

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Handbooks & Resources

The Academic Support Center is an excellent resource for handbooks and materials for writing, science, and math support. We shelve citation and style guides, writing handbooks, textbooks in math and science, copies of readers, flashcards to help students recognize slides in the sciences, and more. These materials are available or use only in the Center.

We also provide links to advice on solving many of the academic issues that give students the most trouble, and our list is growing every day. Print resources on commonly addressed topics like citation or translating basic phrases in math are also available. 

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Sample Student Work

Sometimes, the best examples of what you're looking for in student work comes from students themselves. If you find an exemplary piece of work by one of your students, you can ask them to complete the ASC's permission-to-use form for student work and send that material to the ASC for use within the parameters set by the author. If you have questions, be in touch with Melina Baer

Recommending Tutors

Some of our best staff were once your students. We hope that you'll continue to refer your engaged, interested, successful students to us as potential tutors. We look for students who've been successful in a discipline, show an interest in the college experience, are friendly and engaged, and demonstrate good communication skills. Members of the local community or students at other institutions are also welcome to apply.

Click here to recommend a prospective tutor.

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Faculty and Staff Writing

All Academic Support writing tutors are experienced writers and attentive readers who can give even faculty and staff a sense of the effect of their writing on readers. Full-time tutors are qualified to assist faculty and staff with a variety of writing-related tasks, including the following:

  • Professional writing such as article/conference submissions, resumes, grant proposals, and faculty reviews.
  • Class-oriented writing related to assignments, syllabus development, and feedback on students' work.

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What We Don't Do

ASC tutors participate in ongoing training through a program certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. The ASC's work is shaped by best practices and ethics in the tutoring and writing centers professions, including the boundaries of the support we offer. If you ever have questions about our role as an academic support center, please be in touch. 

In alignment with the best practices and the Tutoring Code of Ethics, our tutors will not

  • send proof of a visit without a student’s consent
  • grade or evaluate students’ work
  • serve as middle-men for faculty-student communication, including contacting faculty with questions on students’ behalf
  • “sign off” on the student’s work for content, grammar, or citation before a student turns in an assignment
  • proofread a student’s work so it is “clean” for a faculty member to read or grade

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As always, we appreciate your feedback and support in our evolving Center!