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SAIL (Success and Interactive Learning)

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Success Pays!

Enrolling in SAIL and charting a course for success pays off! Students who complete the SAIL program and finish the semester with a QPA (quality point average) of at least a 2.0 will receive a scholarship discount on their spring semester tuition at Chesapeake. You can use this online application or download and fill out the PDF version

Personal Information


For the following questions, answer either YES or NO. Please note that any information supplied will be used solely for program statistics, which may ensure our ability to continue offering the tuition scholarship discount incentives in the program.

This is my first semester at Chesapeake College

Yes No

I have attended Chesapeake College as a High School Dual Enrollment student

Yes No

I am taking a course load of seven or more hours this fall

Yes No

I am enrolled in the Freshman Seminar Course (FSC-101)

Yes No

Does your mother have a four year college degree?

Yes No

Does your father have a four year college degree?

Yes No

Thank you for applying to SAIL.